pretty good, nice vocals, better than sum i heard

P.S it took 4 minutes not 2 or 3 but its still good
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haha, i didnt expect the vocals to be that close to the original. Nice job
Its not such a great thing that your vocals sound like the original, cause personally, I think David Bowie was really gimmicky and wasn't really that good. But yeah, it was pretty good, the effects kinda drowned out the melody so I couldn't really tell you anything about the playing... good job though.
thx for the comments!

About the effects, that was also 'playing' and aimed at drowning. Lost in space thing. But i guess the melody did suffer, as you said. I think most artists are gimmicky, but good point anyway. thx
David Bowie is my favourite artist of all time. He's a genius. Cover was pretty good. Would have liked to hear the guitar a bit louder though. Probably one of the best covers I've heard of this song.
Very iteresting, I didn't really like the chourus but still very entertaning , good job.
the other colour