guys do any axers use , three humbucks???
or is the single humbuck , 2 sngle coils config better?
need urgent info on this ,
I have heard of three humbucker guitars, but still prefer my good old HSH setup.

^ It depends on the tone you want.
I currently have a H-S-H config, but i prefer to solo, so i usually always use the bridge pickup, so i wouldnt care if the other two P/Us are Hs or Ss.

Humbuckers give a more warmer tone, whereas singles give a more bluesy tone. Combine that with the Location of the pickup.

I dont think you would be missing out much with a HSS config in comparison to a HSH.
Been away, am back
yeh plus verstility with h/s/s would be better than h/h/h as you can get the singles to handle the clean **** but im not saying that humbuckers cant handle cleans