Man im gonna sound like such a Jackass but i was wondering Are

Celestion Greenbacks and Celestion G12T75s the same speakers
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The Celestion G12M75's were designed to sound like Greenbacks in voicing but cleaner
ok thx for everything i have figured it out the G12T75 is slightly different then the Greenback ok thx its just because im gonna order a Avatar Cab and im trying to get the right speakers thx guys
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Quote by Gutch220
G12T-75's are basically juiced up greenbacks with more balls

that defeats the purpose though...that is if youre saying they handle more power.

IMO the beauty of most classic Celestion speakers is the sound they have when theyre right at the point of distorting..soooo if they handle more power then they dont get to that distorted point as easily....

idk...i just woke up so i could just be talkin out my ass. and chances are i am. but still...just a thought lol
No G12T-75's are not Greenbacks in anyway shape or form. Greenbacks are G12H or G12M and only come in 20, 25, and 30 watt versions. The G12T-75 is a high output speaker rated for 75 watts and wasn't even released untill the late 70's.

I just bought a Heritage G12H rated for 30 watts that cost me $220 bucks for my Blonde Blues Jr. and it fckin rocks. If I was to put a $90 G12T-75 in that amp it would sound like sh1t. Not that more expensive equals better sound but they are two totally different speakers and in this case the Greenback kicks major ass.
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i personally like the G12T75 nce scooped mids and such what im looking for
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