So I made up a sweet riff (god enough for me at least), how do I put back up guitar behind it? Does it have to use the same notes or something? Ill give you the tab for the little riff...

ok man what u need to do is either stick sum chords behind it to help it sound how u want it to (major minor idea) or harmonise it sumwhere else on ur neck. If u need help doin that then ya can message me or if u have msn ma addy is six-string_Skater@hotmail.co.uk....er is that breakin the rules? oh well
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Quote by jbritz22
So I made up a sweet riff (god enough for me at least), how do I put back up guitar behind it? Does it have to use the same notes or something? Ill give you the tab for the little riff...


It depends on what you want to do mate.........

Do you want to harmonise it with another guitar? Do you want a rythym fill to go underneath it? (Is that what ur asking - where to go from here? Do what some slayer songs do - play exactly the same thing either up one or down one string - works for me!!! Thats an easy way to harmonise - no bull**** and is easy to do)

Hope that helps mate, (repost if you want more help)

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Uhh, its two 9's in quick succesion, it's not meant to be a sophisticated tab.

And dan, I am looking for info on how to make a rythym fill underneath it.
u want rhythm well then u can go and do loser powerchords or you can use bar chords or those octave things. It totally depends on what type of sound u wnat...oo sorry johnny ma spellin and grammar are goin down the drain.
distorted is gud, do you want plam muted chugging or like thrashy chords. Punk bands tend to use powerchords or the octave shape quite a but... i DIDNT say always, to stop arguments


is what i mean by octave
Probably thrashy chords, the palm muted chugga chugga can be used for other parts of the song.
ok yeah the octaves are a good option...OR you could harmonise it one time then the next time have one guitar doin chords and the other playin the riff
The way I work out a a second guitar part is to record the part riff you've already written and then experiment with a few power chords until you get a decent progression. Also what strings are the riff you've written on?
Hey sorry it took so long to reply, maybe try something like G sharp 5, then change to c sharp 5 on the bend then change to B5 straight after the bend, then repeat for the second half of the riff, if you get what i mean, otheerwise just experiment.
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easy autumn, its not really difficult to notice that 99 is meant to b 9-9, quit bein awkward
i would definatly use G#5 under the first half. that line gives the feel of the G#5 chord, then the 12 would be a minor third. then dropping that 12 to 11 makes the chord feel go from G#m to G#sus2. so having the G#5 under that forces the lead to make the implied chord change, which sounds cool. if you wanted to, you could just keep the G#5 under the second half as well. works under the same principles except that the 14 is the fourth. so the implied chord change goes from G#m to G#sus4. thats probably what i would do, just make sure you come up with an interesting and complimentary rhythm for the powerchord in the back ground.
umm, whats the tempo and what beats are you playing (8ths, 16ths etc)... and the dude above me, jof1029 GO HOKIES!!!!!!!!!!
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