So I've had a beginner Fender-Strat forever and it's constantly out of tune and I barely play it anymore. I've been really letting loose on my acoustic Seagull but I really want to get a new electric.

I'm really trying to find one with awesome pick-ups and a clean tone that can be distorted well when necessary. I've been playing only for about 4 years and have been teaching myself, but I think the genre I tend to lean towards is blues rock... though I like to play around with funk, jazz and punk too.

My price range is anywhere between $400-about $700. If anyone has any advice I'd love it. I realize that there's a ton of threads like these, but I could really use some advice since I'm not all that knowledgable about the wide array of guitars available. Thanks a lot!

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it really depends on what kind of pickups you want. do you want humbuckers, single coils or the happy medium p90s?
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lp100.everythng u need. look at the epiphone.or the gibsn.if in ur price range(i live in uk )
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I never recommend a particular brand because its such a personal decision.
You really need to make it on your own. For the most part don't pay much
attention to what anyone says because you may totally hate what someone
else likes.

You should just go to one of the online stores, search for guitars in the $400-$700
range, and pick one YOU like. They'll all do pretty much the same thing and
you'll get a decent guitar in just about anything in that range.
I don't know much about pickups but it sounds like single coils are the most versatile. However, I'd still like to get a decent growling sound out of the guitar every once in a while. Should I just leave that part to a pedal? Or am I way off base?
A guitar with p90s would work well for you they're basically overwound single coils and they can do pretty much anything apart from metal (i play metal so thats why i dont use them lol)

A prs Soapbar SE


a schecter c1 special

are both good guitars in that price range for that

also you can get highway one fender teles and strats for that price aswell i think...
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lp100.everythng u need. look at the epiphone.or the gibsn.if in ur price range(i live in uk )

no the epi les paul-100 is only like 250$ and he can spend 400-700. Theres no gibson les paul-100 either. i think p-90 pickups would be your best choice. maybe a prs-se.

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get a good strat and put some texas special pups on it, great for blues rock.
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^^According to his first post, he has a Mexican Strat already. Why would he want another one?? Anyway, P90's would be nice for you. Or Specialty Fender pickups (the texas ones sound nice). Maybe a nice Godin if you can get them. They are great guitars!
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Ive got an Ibanez Jetking II and its just great. resembles the fender Jag.

It has 2 humbuckers, and with the 3 way toggle switch and the splitters for the hums you can get a variety of tone. I play mostly blues and some rock. and when you got those Hums on you get a nice fat tone for blues, switch the toggle down and youve got a single coil sound.

I got mine used for 225, I tihnk there around 400 new, I might be wrong...
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Update: So I've been looking online and I've found a few guitars that seem to fit... but I'm nervous to buy anything I haven't tried in person. Does anyone have any advice for that. I've also been looking at guitars in the $400-500 range (with a couple exceptions) simply because I'd like to have some money left over for a nice pedal and amp. Here's what seems to be the best deals and most versatile guitars from guitarvision.com's site...

1. Godin Triumph Electric Guitar ($460-$500)
2. Schecter C-1 Artist Limited Edition Electric Guitar ($500)
3. Tribute by G&L S-500 Plus ($490)
4. Epiphone Les Paul Classic Quilt Top ($450)
5. Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Custom ($600)
6. Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 Guitar (however I think this is far out of my price range since the price isn't listed on the site I looked at)
7. Epiphone Les Paul Ultra ($500... from guitarcenter.com's site)

Any suggestions on better models, better prices or even a better website to look at for sales would be very helpful, thanks a lot.
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Maybe and ESP M200FM would be good. I have one that's my second electric and it's a beaut...
hey, first off i wonder if the bridge is lifted on ur strat. because there's no reason why it shouldnt hold a tune.

secondly, what amp are u using?

and third, of those above i like the schecter.

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If your considering a single cut model I think a Yamaha AES-620 would do great for those things. They also have blown away alot of Epiphones I've tried out. http://www.music123.com/Yamaha-AES620-Electric-Guitar-i145920.music
Dont let the price fool you.
Check out the reviews they are outstanding.
Also with the money left over id put in a nice bluesy neck pickup like a SD Alnico Pro 2.
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Get the 60th Anniversary Commerorative Standard Strat if you want to keep the same design as your old electric guitar.

If you want a new look i would go with a les paul, maybe a quilt top, flametop, or ultra
of the ones you gave the scehcter. Great bang for your buck
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