Recently i'v really got into grunge music i know some people think its for sweaty teenagers but i love it. I'v been looking for bands with that type of sound and hav'nt really got any results. If anyone knows any other grunge bands (not the obvious smashing pumkins, nirvana ect.) that would be a real help. Cheers!
nirvana & smashing pumpkins...lol.
well there are alice in chains,garbage, umm i dont remember others...but i hink these two other bands somewhat fall into the grunge category.
The Grunge thread lives in the Modern Rock forum btw.

Grunge bands:

Alice in Chains
Pearl Jam
Screaming Trees
Mad Season
Green River
Skin Yard

Bands often mistakenly called Grunge:

Smashing Pumpkins
Stone Temple Pilots
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lol well i wouldnt really call smashing pumpkins grunge but i mean there are alot of bands that have that same kind of feel like sound garden is an amazing band. sonic youth is a more noise rock band but another one none the less.
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um..the first two silverchair albums...and theres some of the stuff before the grunge era...mother love bone and green river, both of which had stone gossard and jeff ament (from pearl jam), dinosaur jr (possibly)...temple of the dog which had members of pearl jam and soundgarden...thats all i can think of at the mo that hasnt been said...
^ Dinosaur Jr. is sometimes lumped in with hardcore or indie or whatever, but they definitely do sometimes sound similar to Nirvana. I enjoy Dinosaur Jr. very much.
where has the grunge gone

Down the Wishkah river with Kurt's ashes...

Well on MySpace there's this grunge group called Paradox and their pretty rad.
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Huge thread for Grunge in the Modern Rock forum
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