heya folks...

today i bought a 1/4" --> 3.5mm plug to finally be able to record my bass properly (the cheapo headset mic doesnt take such "low" frequencies a bass produces) and... whoa.. when i heard my sweet bass out of my logitech pc speakers (some 2.1 20WRMS system) it sounded exactly how i like it! this crisp and perfect "bassy" sound i cant get out of my cube30bass... and with the pc i can easily run backup tracks and so on... and the bets thing: with the bass on the "line in", the signal isn't processed by the pc's processor, only by the soundcard.. means --> even if the pc is working the sound is fast and does not distort or something....

now i thought...

1. is it dangerous / harmful to my pc speakers if i play with my bass on them? (just for practice, no mind blowing volume).

2. what's the easiest method to get rid of my Cube30 for a good price? 'cos i need a new amp anyway and this way i could save some money if i use my pc als practice amp.

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ur speakers will be fine as long as u dont crank it. afterall, you can hear the bass off ur mp3 tracks can't ya?

easiest method would be to pawn it, but you might get ripped off. if u bought it recently you might be able to return it. the hardest method would be to find another bass player to sell it to (man thats such a bad joke..)
Yeah i made the mistake of when using audacity, and when recording with my amp like all the way up, and not turning down the output, and a combination of other things, i blew my computer speakers. Luckily i was smart enough not to use our good ones but now the things just make a weird buzzing noise. So don't do that.......
I bought it 4 to 5 months ago (i have to check the bill to be sure), but i think no original package or so is available. I wanna get a serious stack with ~250-300W to play against some crazy drummer...

@Fbsa: i play directly from the bass to the soundcard without the amp between it (active bass). And I turn the LineIn only so loud, so my bass-speaker doesn't distort (means has enough power).
i love it when you hate the world ~ Zuko
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