Nice work. Intro might be slightly to long. Enjoyed the lyrics. I thought the long bridge part was awesome, and its nice how it kicks back in at the end. One part at the end, right before you say "What was her name" for the last time, it seems like the guitar and drums are slightly out of sync? Could just be me. Overall a really good song I thought. Keep up the good work.
Thanks alot for the comment, do you have any songs on here you want me to crit? I agree with the small part near the end the guiter and drums are a lil off, ill try to fix that one of these days. Glad you liked the bridge part, it pretty much came from just a freesytle thing.
great intro, very tool sounding.
I <3 long trippy things like that, great work on it,
Not into the vocals as much, sounds alright, just not my style.
Seems like the whole song fades around, makes me seasick, in a good way.

One problem is the parts of the song dont seem to fade into each other very well, and the next part after the "what was her name" was very awful in my opinion. Terrible, couldnt hear anything, no melody, horrible guitar, nothing to it, but oh well, just my opinion.

Not into the screaming, but again not my thing.

Cool harmonies, liked that part.
Liked it better after that. Seems a little bland though, try adding some trippier stuff to it, maybe some kind of ambient keyboard stuff to work with.

Wasnt digging the lead parts round 4 minutes, didnt work for me. Way out of key.

Back to the harmonies. Still not feeling the parts flow together. Or the vocals, but its not horrible.

liked the bridge kind slow part thing you had going, probably my favorite part.

I guess in the end, lose the singer, write better riffs for some parts, clean up the recording A LOT, and make it a little more interisting. Not terrible though.

Last riff was very out of place. cant explain it.

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