Any one out there have any suggestions to help get rid of a "scratchy" sound that I get when piviting from Bass to Treble on my Dunlop "Cry-Baby" Wah?
I have the Original Cry-Baby, and mine does the same thing. I'm not sure why though Someone must know!
Our lives are pretty much the same, but mine cost $14.99 a month.

-I play WoW.
mine does exactly the same thing, only about 4 months old and treated with tlc
Sound like you need to replace the pot. I would recomend getting a Fasel as a replacement, haven't tried one myself but nothing but I've nothing but kudos.
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I have about 12 years of Mileage on it.

Some recomended replacing the pot also and suggested a "closed" pot instead of the standard.

It is highly annoying when playing clean but with crunch it can get lost

Unfortunately I have this thing that once I get used to a certain piece of equipment it becomes hard for me to change. I bough my son a Morley nd I have played on it and it is great but...whats that thing about old dogs new tricks?