Acoustic version. No vocals, maybe sometime in the future.

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You did the acoustic version! I love the acoustic version! Well done. A couple of hiccups, nothing major. Very cool.
I love this song. The guitar sounds nice, though something about the tone is kind of off, it sounds little like a midi for some reason. You should add vocals to it sometime.

Overall, nice job on it. Seems like you've got it down, to me.

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ive heard the acousitc version on nearly all Beatles anthology's i seen and i love it but i dont know where to get it from....i have the white album but its obviously on something else like the Music CD Anthology's?

Well anyway,im glad you did the acoustic version because i actually think its better than the full band one. Quiteagood cover but it does sound a little bit midi... would sound good with vocals
Your lucky, I love teh tone of the taylor 214, or just taylors in general, I wish I had the cash to buy one. I liked it good job.
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Hmm, I've never heard the original acoustic version, but quite a few of the chords sounded off...what chords were you using?
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