How the funk do these things work? =p

I tried but I don't know if I get the right sound. It sounds like you would play that note the 'normal' way except with some sqealing(?).

What I'm trying to get is this really high pitched sound.

Does it matter where you hit the string at the bridge? Is it different for each A.H.?
How do I know I have the right sound?
Sometimes it looks like I have the A.H. together with the sqealing(?) sound.
Do you lay your finger on the string first and then hit it with your pic? Do you use your thumb or index finger?

I use my thumb. Somewhere in the lessons on the site theres a lesson on how to do them. Basically you just pick it and hit your thumb off the string and it creates a higher pitched noise. Youll know if its the right one if it sounds good :P Go check out the lesson, its helpful
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hit the string with the pick.. and then the thumb (right behind the pick) should then hit the string and it'll make the squealing kinda noise.. it comes with practice and just feeling where your guitar does it the b est (different on every guitar kinda)
and yes
it DOES matter where on the string you pick.
the pitch of the squeal will change with position... once you get it down you can get some sweet sounding pitches out of it.
granted, im no master of it.. but i'm pretty decent i'd say.
sorry for double posting. im really bad today.

it differs from every note.
my suggestion...
get a song that has them in it that you like.. (not too fast of a song at first) and practice getting the same pitch that the guitarist does
^use the edit button. heres the video that showed me how to do artificial/pinch harmonics http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/columns/features/steal_this_video_harmonics.html .
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Well which one do you mean? There are artificial, natural, and pinch harmonics. There are even more than that infact those are just the ones I can explain.
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Make sure you have lots of gain, and the neck pickup usually produces the best ones.
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PInch harmonics refer to the way you have to pinch the pick. It confused me when I first tried to learn them because I thought it ment pinching the string. But pinch harmonics are easiest to do if you have humbuckers, but you can also do them on single coils. Fisrt off, "pinch" the pick so that very little material is sticking out past your finger tips. Then get it so that your thumb strikes the string right after the pick. For each note you may have to play around to find where between the bridge and neck it will sound the harmonic. Plus its easier on the lower strings. And I have found its easier to sound harmonics if you use the neck pickup. By the way use lots of distortion or gain. Have fun.
yeah just search for pinch harmonics in lessons- there are some good ones. (thats what its called when you pick it and then hit it with your thumb...)
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