How do you do those Satch Dives? You know the type when he pic a string with his picking hand (I think he's doing a pintched harmonic but I'm not sure) and he dives the whammy bar with fretting hand... I'm confuddled, I've tried everything I can think of to pull em off but can't do it. Anyone know?
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good thing I put this video on my favourites, Dimebag will show you how it's done.

I think hes touching the string to the pickups, then divebombs.
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does anyone know the exact model guitar dimebag's using in that video, i saw itz a washburn but what model, and possibly what amp? thx
its a dean isn't it
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good thing I put this video on my favourites, Dimebag will show you how it's done.


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its a dean isn't it

Nope, that was a Washburn.
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randal warhead and a dean or washburn guitar
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For Satriani style harmonics and dive, he basically just do a pinch harmonics on the 29th, 31st, or 36th fret on the last 2 strings, the B and high e. Im not too sure but somewhere around there. You dont have to fret a note, your left hand should be at the bottom of your guitar's cutaway and holding the whammy bar.

He did and up-pull 1st then a drastic down-pull continued with a finishing up-pull. Thus producing the screaming and wailing. To properly do this you need a good output pickups such as the Mo' Joe, PAF Joe, EVOs and so on.

Go to this website and open the MUSIC tab. DL "The Crush Of Love" and just see how he attempts it. Might not be as good as satch but he's getting it.

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In an interview, Satch said that to execute his signature divebombs, he picks a pinch harmonic on the open G string and uses his fretting hand to dive the bar. He dives it fast enough that when he brings it back up to normal, it sounds higher than when it started.