I need help installing my new swineshead pups into my ibanez rg321mh. The thing is i got the bridge and neck to work but the splitting doesnt (it has a five way switch, two humbucks) Does anyone here know how to wire these into a five way switch to make it so the damn things split???

Any help is great, and ive tried to google and also tried the ibanez site for a wiring diagram of how the stock pups were installed but their site doesnt load the dang things....anyone, PLEASE i want to get these in quick
My Gear:

2006 Ibanez RG321MH (Swineshead Custom A.M.P. neck & Warthog bridge)
Roland Cube 30
Digitech RP-50
Koss Headphones

Swineshead Runaway Neck
1984 Peavey Mystic
Crate GX15 (overdrive channel is blown)