I have been using D'addarios for the last 3 times. I decided to try some other companies out to see what I like best. I am going to try ghs boomers today, I just have to put them on. I saw elixirs but they are about $9 or $10 a set.

Are these worth the extra money? How long would these last? My D'addario's never rusted or anything and I really like those.
Elixirs are by far the best. The tone takes so long to die and i rarely break strings.
^ Elixer strings are no stronger then your average D'Addario.

Now that I've tried them out, I'll never go back to normal strings again. It really isn't the sound factor that makes me love them but it's the fact that they don't rust. Normally, a guitar equipped with normal strings, rust and vibrato's and bending become a lot less smooth (or so it seems to me). But with Elixers coating the strings stay smooth and almost wet feeling (not for everyone, but I sure as hell love it).

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