I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS GUITAR!!! It is right on my price range and i just keep finding loads of good reviews for them. So is it worth buying one? Ive only been playing 6 months btw.


Edit: Here is a picccy

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I have one and it is my most prized posession. It rocks.
The finish is beautiful, the wood grain shows through perfectly.
It plays like a dream, and it sounds awesome. I am not just saying all this because I own one, I love it.

I wanted a guitar that was original, not some mutated strat, tele, or les paul copy. I wanted something a bit different.

It is fabulous. I dont know why more people dont have one. Its great.

The only slightly negative thing is the coil splitting function decreases the volume significantly, but you can use that to your advantage (chug along in rhythym mode for the verses, switch to humbucker mode, and bang out a lead section).

You will not regret it my friend, this guitar is a dream, officialy.

I promise you
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I think i posted in one of your threads not to long ago, you were looking for a new guitar and I mentioned mine...i think... Well anyway, The Jetking is a kick ass guitar my friend. Its great for grunge, just rips it up. and with the toggle switch you can make it sound like a strat or put those 2 humbuckers into action and get a nice fat tone for playing blues, which is what i play most of the time. I play alot of led zeppelin, hendrix, pearl jam and nirvana, and it dishes out all of it. i got mine used for 225. i think there 400 new, but i may be wrong. And yes the splitters do decrese the volume, but there ok for playing rythm then switching to lead, but other then that this guitar should suit you well.
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Ped thinks the JK is a-ok.

Throw in some P-100's and a Bigsby and BAMN I would be all over that guitar like crabs on a tourbus.
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If you don't buy it your crazy. You could end up like me ( Squire Strat ). That sucks belive me. Buy it and I'm sure you won't regret it