when i play solos, or fast guitar riffs, i normally rest my palm on the bridge of my guitar, i have a fixed bridge now, but i will be getting a guitar with a floyd rose soon

i just wanted to know is that are you suppose to rest your hand on the bridge of your guitar, and what you do?
i rest my hand on the bridge. a lot of great players do that.... like Randy Rhoads.

i don't for 2 main reasons.

1) w/ a floyd rose, placing your palm on the bridge can actually throw it out of tune (granted VERY SLIGHTLY out of tune!)
2) you get a fuller tone when picking more towards the middle of the guitar, when your palm is rested you pick is pretty close to the bridge. that's why frank zappa usually played up right near where the neck starts
This is a topic of endless disagreements. There are already a few threads on it right now. I would say that resting your forearm on the body of the guitar is a good thing. Resting your fingers on the face of the guitar may or may not be a good idea. Resting your hand on the bridge is not a great idea unless you're muting strings.

Well the short answer is it's a bad habit and you should learn to do without it.

The other answers you will hear:

1) It's personal preference. Do what's comfortable. (wrong)
2) Player X does it so it must be ok (besides the point and wrong).
3) I'll play how I like. Don't tell me what to do! (defensive and wrong)

Anyway, there's a BIG LONG HUGE thread about this in musician's forum already.
Well, over the past while I've been browsing the UG forums, I've seen countless threads on anchoring. I, myself, don't anchor because it hinders your ability to make the best of your picking hand.

I don't think that resting the your forearm against the body of the guitar counts as anchoring, though. I do that, but I try not to rest my wrist or hand on any part of the guitar.