Has anybody ever heard of the name "Warriors Guitars" or a "Warriors SG"?
I play it since 2 months, it's a good guitar, with a cool sound. But Google can't find anything!
I'm from Germany, maybe it's better known in other countries...

Thx for help.....
Looks identical to a Jay Turser SG they have hanging in a store 1 block from where I work. It's identical in every way (including the headstock shape and tuners) except for the name on it. The guitar pictured below isn't the same one I saw at the shop, but it does show the headstock shape. The one I played looked EXACTLY like yours.

These low end starter guitars are usually manufactured in China, Indonesia and Korea (I'm betting yours is from China). The same guitar may be made for several different companies and are stamped with the different company logos, even though they're the same guitar. I'd be surprised if you can find anything specific about that guitar since it's an off-brand.
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Do you know what kind of wood it's made of? A lot of these "low-end" guitars can actually be made of good wood and make pretty nice guitars.

All that matters though is that you like the sound. Congrats on the guitar!

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