Can anyone in here tell me, a few things, first what gear does all of Iron Maiden use (well, both guitarists at least), amps, pickups etc

And also, how to recreate it with a Traynor Blue (only two weeks mwa ha ha ha ha ha). I have a Boss OS-1 Which I use through my MG (bleeeh) to actually add some character, and get a good Rhandy Rhodes tone, so.. It can fit in there if needed.

The reason is, even though I only recently got into them, I love their tone.. that... hair metal tone, with really clean, nice single notes.
Fender Strat with a humbucker in the bridge position I think they've just got the Seymour Duncan Hotrails these days)

and general Marshalls for the amps. Again, these days I think they've got the Marshall JMP1 preamps as well as those ADA preamps in some rack setup (with Marshall poweramps as well).

Pretty simple really: bright guitar with humbucker + Marshall

I think at one point in their history they had a thing for Ibanez Destroys/Vs and Deans as well
Dave Murray used a strat but Adrian Smith used mainly Gibsons. Well at least on the Live After Death DVD they did. That's about as much as I can add, sorry
last i checked (also a huge fan of the maiden tone.. this is partial to dave murray but the others are very similar) for amps they use a marshall rack setup.. this would be the JMP-1 preamp, the 9200 dual monoblock power amp, and a JFX-1 signal processor (effect unit.. not easy to find).. all of these being by marshall.. the setup is controlled by a rocktron midi mate.. there is also a wah on Daves pedal board (i believe its the dunlop rackmount kind but i just use a 535Q cuz i cant come up with a rackmount one and its plenty efficient for me).. At this point they all use fenders (Adrian will break out a les paul every now and then) but they dont all use the same pickups.. im not sure what pickups Adrian uses but they look like stock pickups (1 humbucker and 2 singles.. the super distortion may apply here), Dave Murray uses seymour duncan hot rails, and Jannik im not too sure but i know there is a JB jr in there (his are all single coil).. im sure they have a ton of other high tech equipment that they use but thats the jist of their setup
If you search for it on www.guitargeek.com you should be able to find Adrian and Daves gear, I was looking at them last night
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yeah thats pretty much where i got it.. i think i saw daves in the back of a guitar world or something too