Any good acoustic artist based on my tastes? I like Rush, Ozzy, AC/DC and Pink Floyd. My favorite genre is progressive rock.
Those bands do acoustic songs, you just have to dig deeper than their popular songs...like Ozzy he does a few acoustics with this chick but her name doesn't come to mind.
Making Memories is one of my favorite Rush songs, and it's acoustic. I know where your comming from though, I love prog and all that, and I've been easing into folk rock and stuff like that. It's all in the search, go download some random acoustic stuff i guess.
Elliott Smith has a lot of fairly mindblowing acoustic stuff. Kinda hard to play though, and lots of alternate tunings. Worth a try, IMHO.
Buy David Gilmour(from Pink Floyd)'s new album On An Island and try some of it. He does a lot of good acoustic stuff on there.
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