What could be the most overrated/underrated/annoying/greatest/weird song ever made?

for me:
overrated=anything by Journey
underrated=anything by The Allman Brothers Band
weird=Interstellar Overdrive or Bike by Pink Floyd
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But I'll play.

Overrated- anything by Fall Out Boy or My Chemical Romance
Underrated- Hendrix's lesser known blues songs (like Rock Me Baby/Lover Man and Little Miss Lover)
Greatest- ? (I agree on you with that one)
Weird- Signs of Life by Pink Floyd
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You guys can't come up with a greatest song?

You've obviously never listened to I Farted on Santa's Lap by The Little Stinkers.
Overated - Fall Out Boy and the like
Underrated- Brand New
Greatest - Sweet Child Of Mine by GNR
Weirdest - Beans by Nirvana
underrated=The Atomic Bitchwax - Birth to the Earth
greatest=Kyuss - all of Sky Valley
weird=Desert Sessions - Interpretive Reading, or Hogleg/You Keep On Talking
overrated:kely clarkson fall out boy and simple plan
underrated: the distillers
greatest: to many to name
wierdest/funniest: bad touch by blood hound gang
Overrated : Smells like teen spirit
Underrated : BTO
Greatest : ? ( not a fair question)
Wierdest : I am the man , Anthrax
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Not because I'm a dick... I just want to help with your replies.
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