I was wondering what you guys thought was the best guitar and amp for $700. The guitar and amp have to both be versatile enough to play any type of music but the amp has to be a tube amp.
get a mexi strat and save the rest for an amp
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I'd get a MIA fat strat and a fender blues junior tube amp hopefully enough money if not try to get them used and then save up for an OD pedal, you'll be in heaven.
spend a little more than half on the amp... preferably used

with a good guitar and a shitty amp, the sound will still be shitty because the amp will not produce the original acoustic sound of the guitar...

with a decent guitar with a good amp, best tonal output will come from the guitar's acoustic tone...
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Ibanez RG321MH with new pickups + Vox AD30T/Roland Cube 30. The amps might not be a full tube but its a hybrid i think and its really really a good amp for practice and jamming.
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I got an Ibanez S470 and a VOX AD15VT.
that cost me around 700$ and the combo is very versatile.
The guitar is HSH pu, so its very versatile you can play all kind of music, its a really good guitar for the price check out the web for more info.
The Amp is the best amp in its price range, really I like it a lot, its a tube amp and have a lot of preset and effects, so very versatile too.