okay so i need an okay bass AND amp for under 200 bucks. can any of you guys give me a combination of bass + amp under 200? i play christian music. dont need any heavy metal stuff. thanks.
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What kind of wattage do you need?

I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of a 75w peavey.
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Well about all you could get is a $200 starter pack with a ****ty bass and a 10 watt amp. Unless you're a beginner i'd save up a little more
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im not gonna save anymore. i just want to spend 200 bucks. i dont plan on being super good. i just need bass+amp under 200 dollars.

about the starter packs.......if you buy smart, cant you get much better gear for 200 bucks? rather then buying a starter pack.
Starter packs are crappy and assembled poorly. It probably took 2 minutes to make in China.
Bass and amp

That's about the best combination I could find, but try out your local guitar shops, you might be able to find a gem for cheap, you never know, and if you can't find anything, musiciansfriend is always open, lol.