hello everyone. i am looking for a true 3 milimeter pick. anyone know where i can get them?
Nope. Custom-order would be all that I can think of.
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nobody makes true 3 mm picks right now? cuz i tried the jazztone from dunlop. its marked 3 i bet it's only 2 lol...
wow, get a nickel or something, 3mm is THICKKKK

i dont think you can buy them, the thickest i found is a 1,66mm steel pick, dont remember the brand
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i tried the big stubbies b4, but still dont feel like a real 3 lol... still feel like a 2.
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edit- Damn! Those aren't three!
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but it's not that people dont make 3's anymore. it's that people dont make real 3's. dunlop says the pick is 3 but it's only 2 i bet. so i actually have to try the picks, not just by looking them up on the internet
well look them up online.. then order one or go to where someone might have one

or get a ruler and make your own lol
anyway let's change the topic to multi FX pedals. what should i get? a digitech gnx4 or boss gt-8?