I'm not sure where to ask about this so I'll ask here.

I was down at my local guitar store the other day and I saw a Banjo. I asked the owner if they were very hard to play/learn to play and he sadi that you can sound very impressive in a couple moths. Now I have been lookig for something different to play latley and I'm seriously consider buying it. It's $240 and he said it's the best one for the money. I dont know if any of you here play the Banjo but if anyone does tell me how to get started and some info on it please.

Thanks in advnace
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What brand is it?

I played banjo for a little while, and the basics are pretty easy to pick up. Its all finger picking rolls...thats kind of the way to describe it.

For a beginner banjo though, I would recommend the the Deering Goodtime, or the Goodtime 2. The special has a resonator that kind of gives the banjo that bluegrass twang. The Goodtime retails for around $300, and the Goodtime 2 for around $450.

Happy picking!

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