Ok, well I'm not sure how many people remember me from about 2 years ago on this forum. But I'm a pretty big metal fan. Well I've been doing alot of different styles recently, and we were able to compose this piece. My brother on the drums, and my guitar riffs keyed in C. A couple of my buddies supporting us with their vocals and bass, and of course the recording. It sounds kinda weird, but that's why I decided to keep it. What do you guys think?

Chaos Is A Fallacy
Ok well here's another one that has a simliar sound. Let me know how you like this one too. Thanks for all the comments everyone, I really do appreciate it! To be honest I'm a die-hard metal (melodic/death) fan, and I'm not going to dish out much more of this stuff. Still, it gives me a nice break from riffs that sound all too simliar in my ears.

Alright, this one is called Urgent Care