hey im a big noob i need alot of help i was wondering how the hammer ons and pull offs work i read the lesson and i still dont get it im trying to play the solo in too deep by sum41 but i cant make the same sound ? please help thanks
For pull-offs, fret 2 frets, lets say on the G string (lol) you fret the 7th fret and the 5th fret. Pick the string and then unfret the 7th fret so that it will sound like the 5th fret after your finger is removed. For hammer-ons, it is basically the same thing except you fret one note, pick the string, then slam your finger with enough force so that when you fret the 7th fret, thats what it sounds like.
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You just pull your finger off of the string for pull offs and hit it onto the string for hammer ons? I dont understand what there isnt to get :P
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hammer-ons and pull-offs are pretty easy even if you are a noob, just watch somebody do it and you'll get it real quick.
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hammer close to the fret, but not on it. when you pull off, think of it as plucking the string with your left had. dont just raise up, but pluck it.
Yeah, along the lines of what everyone else said. But I doubt youll be able to play the solo to "In Too Deep" right away as I believe theres tapping...which is a complex version of hammers and pull offs