okay so someone recommended me this bass for my UNDER $200 budget

it seems pretty cheap and its made of good wood and has good reviews. now i need like a 70-80 dollar amp and i found these 3




which of the 3 would be the best?


this one is 15 watts for just 10 bucks more and comes with free strap and tuner.
this one seems like the best deal but is it a good amp? or are the other 3 better?

thanks for all your help people of the bass forum.

and sorry for the extra threads.

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Go with the peavey: Theyre indestructible.

Dont ever consider Behringer: They make the most horrible stuff you could imagine.
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id go with the behringer but like FbSa said ur gonna want a bigger amp...behringer might break quicker then the peavey can, i wouldnt get the last one or the first one , they seem real bad
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wow, a lot of mixed opinions. one said washburn, one said peavey, one said behringer.

im still kind of confused. can you guys state why one amp would be better than the other? thanks
Just read the reviews on all of them. Theirs your deciding factor.
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out of the 4:

traynor and peavey usually are on the more reliable side.

behringer is known to crap out way too fast. ive broke one in just 10 mins of playing thru it (thankfully the store guy didnt notice)

and washburn... i havnt tried any of their products yet so i wouldnt know.

Either way, if at all possible, go out and try these practice amps. it's much better to try before you buy.

also consider buying a used practice amp, maybe with more wattage. Their's tons of folks who, after upgrading to a 80-300W amp/rig, are selling their, now useless, practice amps.
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dood hey get the peavey its much better quality ..

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dood hey get the peavey its much better quality ..

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Fender Squier P Bass , Fender Rumble 30 watt .

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i'm personnaly going to say that that bass is the bear minimum of what you can get. i would look for possibly a little better of a bass, but if thats the one u like cool. amp wise look at the peavey or even try and find a small ashdown combo. Ashdown Mag combo, they are cheap, and sound awsome for whawt your paying.
okay but i need a bass and amp both for under 200. the sx looks good but its too expensive.
^ the sx start at 99. your dean you pointed out starts at 120.

do i see someone in need of a math tutor?

sx is great quality, cheap price, so many people will tell you that, tho i think me and a lot of other people cant say that for sure because a lot of people are going on the opinions of people from the talkbass.com forums, who think theyre exquisite.

but if they buy an sx instead of a 1200 bass (yes some do), then i dont see wats wrong with spending 100 on it if its ur first bass .

so i second the sx, but if you could, try to stretch out the amp money a LITTLE bit more. going up to around 30W would be real nice, and a nice reliable amp would be great, even tho it is just a practice amp.

remember: 80% of your sound is the amp (unless you have an active EQ on ur bass, then more like 65/35... o well )
do you think the 100 dollar sx is better than the dean edge 09? the sx is made of agathis i think. if the sx IS better, then i have like 100 dollars leftover for an amp. what's a good amp for 100?

out of that whole page of sx basses, i dont see ONE thats agathis?

and as i said, people have thought of the sx's as better than mexican, and some times american fenders. which can cost well upwards of 600 dollars. so yes i would take that means its better.
Well a lot of people are saying yes to quality/price/durability.

and they recommend after a year or so, if you gather enuff money, to change the bridge to a BA2, and maybe change the pups if you want to. and they say that is as good as buying a fender american jazz.