Ok so if there is an AC30 in MF for 800 blem should i get it? Im just worried whats wrong with it if its marked 200 off...i weird about that kinda stuff (i dont buy used gear either) so i was just wondering what it could be and if its a good deal to get an AC30 for $200 off
blem doesnt mean used...
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i didnt think it meant used....im just saying that im weird about stuff with guitar gear. Should i get it? Its not used right? Its just a cosmetic flaw right? It must be on hell of a cosmetc flaw for 200 off...

It just means someone scratched it or bumped it up a bit in the factory/transit/storage. I've bought blem from MF before and its no big deal. Especially for an amp, which is going to get bumped/scratched at some point anyways.
i cant return it can i if i want right? its just some scratches?
If it says 'as is' you cannot return it. Never buy an 'as-is' amp.
If it just says 'blem,' it can be returned and the damage is only cosmetic.
hm so is an "as-is" amp not a cosmetic flaw? Does it sound the same? $200 off seems like somthing has to be seriously wrong...
What could be wrong with an "as-is" amp

What's b-stock? Is that used and returned? Is it the same as "as-is"?

If given a choice should i go with "non factory resealed" or "b stock"?

Thanks for the help guys
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"as-is" means they won't tell you what's wrong with it, and chances are there's either severe cosmetic or actual structural damage. Could you link to the one you're talking about?
Don't buy B-Stock, it the stuff that comes out messed up. Don't worry about Blems on an amp though, they're just cosmetic flaws, nothing wrong with the sound of the amp.
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Go for it man, it's prolly just a small cosmetic flaw. I bought a Marshall blem head on there and when i got it it looked perfect. So I saved money and it looked fine. I'm sure you can return it if it doesn't funtion properly..

Buy it, it's probably just got a tiny flaw in the cosmetics, that's all, it'll work perfectly.
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^^^Non-Factory Sealed Items
Items that offer great prices on Top-of-the-Line Gear that has been opened or otherwise repacked. These units are in perfect condition but the packaging is not factory sealed. Plus to assure your satisfaction every item includes the Full Manufacturer's Warranty and the AMS 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee.
"Breathe, breathe in the air
Don't be afraid to care"

Fender Strat/Tokai LS80>few pedals>Orange Rocker 30