well you know that constant humming sound you get out of amps when your not playing? yeah, well when i touch any of the metal hadware on my guitar ( screws, switch, ECT) the sound pretty much completely goes away but only when I touch it . like tape or anything like that doesnt stop it. so is this normal? or do i have a grounding problem or something? thanks
Yeah that happened to me i just completely re-soldered all the wires.
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yeah well i have a strat so yeah lol, plus when i got my new pickups i paid the guitar tech to wire it all so it should be good.
I thought that was supposed to happen, that's why your strings are grounded. It uses your body as a shield against hum?
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so i cant make it to where the ound is down always? its onyl when i tocuh my input or the switch
Maybe they aren't grounded. Check that theres a wire going from the spring claw in the back of the guitar to the back of the volume pot.
These go to eleven...
wow you were right, the solder on the trem had broken off. cool i just gotta borrow a soldering iron. thanks man