Ok, I was bored and decided to write a poem about the UG site in general. It's supposed to be funny, so hope you all enjoy!

Welcome to the world of Ultimate-Guitar
Where every user is as unique as their avatar

When noobs sit in front of their computer screens
Spamming continually just to make a scene
Spam enough and you just might get banned
Just like how A7xOwnz got slammed

And when someone finally gets owned
You can hear everyone at home yell, ?OH!!!?
Then comes the arguments of who?s the best band
The noobs scream, ?Billy Joe Armstrong is the man!?

Emo?s, Punk Rockers, and Heavy Metal
Barely out of high school and everyone?s political
Correct grammar, it?s just about as useless
You?re better off teaching ABC?s to toothpicks

It?s like they?re too afraid to even do a spell check
Like Chuck Norris will round house kick them in the neck
Rate this, Rate that, Rate the users mom in the sack
We know we?re all just waiting for the next UGer Hack

Reading in suspense of ?In The Van On Comeback Road?
While playing guitar, just trying to get our records sold
And in the end we leave the site in such a hurry
Because Yngwie just Unleashed the Focking Fury!
sounds more like a rap than a poem to me. probably cuz the way it rhymes in the stanzas but this is still funny.

"Member #5 of UGPSA: Ultimate-Guitar's Pot Smokers Association. PM AK Guitarist to join."
hahah great captures all aspects of UG!
this should be added to the sites FAQ
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f***** brilliant!!! i loved
Correct grammar, it?s just about as useless
You?re better off teaching ABC?s to toothpicks

Awesome man. It should be UG's official poem, and it should come up on the first page as soon as you log in =p
Crit the song link in my sig pleeeeez??
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Exactly as Franz said, it should be UG's official poem. It is quite original and creative.
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Thanks for the input guys, wasn't really expecting to get too much of a response from it. I just thought of all the stuff that everybody talks about on UG and this is what came from it. Yeah, a couple of parts are corny, but I felt I had to keep it that way because of the content. Thanks again.
it's funny becuase most avatars aren't that unique, i see the same ones over andover again. maybe that was your point though
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Your song is juvenile and boring. Nothing more that I can say to help... but that your rhyme scheme at least wasn't at all that bad.

your friendly S&L mod,
wow...a post from a mod, never had one of those before. And yes the poem is supposed to be juvenile, no need to crit because it was just for sharing, I'm not going to go back and edit this, lol. This won't even make it to my notebook.