im learning a solo right not (mia by avenged sevenfold) and im really having troubly getting the fast picking down. does anyone know any licks that will help me get my speed fast enough to play along with the song.


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same as learning any other fast solo - get a metronome, set the tempo to whatever you can play, learn to play it perfectly in that tempo, add a few bpm, play it at that speed until you have it down perfectly, add a few more bpm, repeat until you reach the speed needed. :p

and if you mean you generally can't play as fast as the song goes, no matter what... then uhh... learn to shred better before you start trying to play complex, fast things?:p

no offence but your request is a bit dumb :p
Check out the Chromatic Death exercise by Rusty Cooley. It's essentially just a constantly ascending/descending chromatic line, but it really gets your fingers working.

I use it as a warm-up, but it builds up speed as well.
Thats right , u ill need to get a metronome . Lastly make sure u have finger excercises , roughly abt 30mins per day and make sure u dun cheat , if u miss a note , repeat the whole excercise . Within 3 - 4 weeks u can tell the diff of ur speed . Its all gotta do with discipline
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no offence but your request is a bit dumb :p

No it's not

Just play scales over and over again alternate picking everytime.

Use all your fingers and go up and down the neck. Just keep practicing this until you reach a decent speed that will allow you to tackle the solo.
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