Over the past year or so, I have recorded 100 covers. I recorded the 100th today. I wanted it to be epic and awesome, so I chose Led Zeppelin. I contemplated going all out and doing stairway just because of the sheer classicness. However, I didn't wanna be cliche, so I did The Rain Song instead. What I'm mainly interested in hearing is criticism on how my inaccuracies affect the song. I know there were sections of the vocal melody that I just kinda... improvised because I wasn't certain how the actual part went. Hopefully you'll say "hey jeremy, it doesn't affect how i think of your version." But if you disagree, do tell me.


and a special thanks to people who've listened to my covers since number 1

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wow, i really like this. there's very few minor errors and it makes me want to try and play this song myself! you also have a really nice voice- even though it's not exactly led zep, but its still good.

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Great job! Guitar work and singing were great, and you have a very good voice. Good luck in the future!
Dude - nice stuff. I listened to a few of your covers. You have a really cool voice. Your Bohemian Rhapsody is awesome too.
you count your recordings? superb mixing on the guitar track, classy vocals, your pretty popular for that i guess. really great job like always, I'd give it a listen regularly.

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The guitar in the intro seems to be missing mids, but it doesn't sound bad. It may sound more full if you boosted the mids a tad though. I like your voice quite a lot, and every note is right on. Not too much else to say, it sounds great. Keep it up
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Very nice job. It seemed to go off tempo in certain places, but it was still well done. I liked your vocals too.
Aww, no mellotron? Dang, that actually makes that song really good.
Oh well, I'll stop nitpicking and focus on all that went well here!
Awesome guitar track. You did near-perfect on all of the guitar end, so nice job there.
Pretty nice vocals, too. Not too Plant-esque, but still good nonetheless. The vocals aren't really that big of a focal point in that song anyways, though.
I didn't really notice any mistakes that demoted the overall value any. That song is super awesome originally, so I thought you'd have a hard time following up, but this was actually one of the best Zep covers I've heard on here for... well, a long, long time.
So overall, awesome 100th cover! And here's to a hundred more!
Really awesome, your voice sounds really good, your guitar tone could maybe use a tad less bass but as far as playing and singing, it sounds really good. 8.5-9/10 I really liked it. Good song choice too, you were right by saying stairway might be a little cliche but also still a damn good song. But great tone on the voice and guitar work, keep em comin