I'm limited to an acoustic guitar and my voice tonight since its about 11:00 at night here and I can't play drums very well. I heard this song while doing homework earlier tonight and decided to learn it and record it.


tell me what you think
Damn you must be pretty excited about this cover (there's like 10 uploaded on your site).

But anyways, very GOOD. Your voice is exceptional, and very appropraite for this song. It has very similar qualities to Rivers.

Guitar tone was like perfect, and struming and picking were basically flawless. (but that should be a given; this song is simple)

rating: 9/10

(which tabs did you use?)
i had to upload it a ton of times, see i did it with What I Got too, otherwise it plays only the first 30 or 40 seconds for some odd reason

I used these tabs

EDIT: the singing was extremely hard to pull off in one take, singing from "I did what my body told me too" to "what i wanted slips away" i had to do in two takes because I couldn't catch my breath fast enough
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What I got was awesome I never heard this song before.
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yea, i couldn't amp the vox anymore without clipping them, is there any way to do that joe? tell me next time ya see me