Ive had an ongoing problem with my Guitar and pinch harmonics. I have a schecter C1 elite with factory seymour duncan pickups. The guitar is awesome but WILL NOT pick up pinch harmonics practicly at all. Now I know your gonna say "Just practice and you'll get em right or your not playing right" On my buddies Jackson,I can do them just fine,hell on my girlfriends $100 Reynolds Guitar I can do them just fine,On my band mates Washburn Dime,I can do em just fine. But on each of those guitars they have humbucker pickups...can that be it? Ive tried messin with the action and everything but no luck at all. I can do pinch harmonics easy thats not the problem but they only seem to sound out on the 7th fret on my guitar. Is it the pickups or what? Please someone let me know. (And for the last time,before you flame saying I cant play them,yes,I can do them,but not on my axe)
maybe its the neck... i dont know... im just trying to help...
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Do they sound out without an amp? If not, then you're simply doing them wrong and it aint the pickups, you just need to adjust your technique to the guitar. If its a gear thing, i havent a clue.
you're sure rour not jus playing at the wrong place at the strings?, also I found out that with a certain kind of distortion its very hard to get good harmonics. it's probably the distortion you'rs using. (try a lot of midrange it helps)
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well i can do them all day long on a singlecoil telecaster so i dont think its your pickups---unless theres a problem with them---Like Freepower said, can you do them on an unamplified guitar? They wont be very loud but you'll be able to hear a quiet squeal.
Try experimenting WHERE you pick the harmonics, how far away from or close to the bridge etc--every guitar is different you know., it might be an idea to experiment with amp settings, but to be honest, if you cant hear them at all, id sort that out rather than mucking around with amps all day.
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if your pickups have a low output or have loose wires impeding the out put then that could have something to do w/ it, but if you know without a doubt you're doing them right unplugged and they're not sounding when you plug in i would say it's either not a high enough out put or not enough distortion for them to ring clear, i've noticed those are the 2 main factors for this....
yea I can do them unplugged all day long but plugged in they just dont ring. so I guess i'll just have to take it somewhere to get it checked out
Well you should probably try it with your guitar but use a different amp then. Use that process to determine the problem. Its a lot cheaper than having a tech tell you after an hour that your patch cord is a piece of crap
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you have to find the 'sweet spot' on your guitar, from what i know every axe is different but in this place on the string you will get the best pinchers! and us loadsa treble thts wat i do!
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