ok, im thinking about modding out this guitar, but i have a few questions.
the guitar is a peavey mantis lt.

1. for an emg, ho much routing would i need to do for the battery?
2. can someone go over the refinishing process for me.
3. are the kahler non tremolo bridges worth the 200+$$?

also if anyone can tell me, what kind of wood is the peavey mantis lt?

There's a complete tutorial on refinishing there.

And you probly don't need to route a lot. If you could take a picture of it without the pickguard, we coudl tell you where to route.
You could just shove a piece of wood in the trem cavity behind the trem so it can't move, and take out the trem bar. It saves money, and it looks like nothing was altered, and if oyu ever decide yo uwnat a trem again, ust take the block out and put hte bar back in.
the best way to shine up metal is pretty basic, take it off, take it apart, clean it and hit it with some polish, wont be perfect, but it'll work.

is this a floyd rose style trem or a strat style trem? if its a FR style i recomend not taking it apart unless your ready for a headache putting it back together
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has it got fine tuners on the bridge? thats FR style

and FR style = a millions tiny parts that are hard to replace
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sorry for double post, i took it apart, the trem isnt a conventional style, it cant be blocked with wood or anything, i have pics of it, also pics of the cavity so we can se how much to route for the emg's battery.


front of trem-

back of trem-
i would stay away from taking it apart unless you are very meticulous about doccumenting what went where and keeping track of all the pieces
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You might be able to sroute some space right neck to the humbucker route, you knwo that space between the pickup route and the neck, that's covered by the pickguard. You only need to be able ot fit one 9 volt and a litle extra space on the sides.