OK I have a quiestion for those who can play
Bark at the moon by Ozzy
I've been busy really learning this song.
Speeding it up from insanel slow using a metronome and such
Even though I'm only at 60% or so of it's original speed.
Everything I can play smoothly and easily.
Except the last run on the first solo
That's just insane even slowed down to half speed that lick is a bitch.
Mind you that I hear Zakk Wylde playing it different live.

So anyone can help me or give advice.
The way I play it right now is really alternate picking every note.
Not hammer ons and pull offs.
Because "I think" that's the way Jake E Lee played it.
But even in the recording it's just a crazy slur or notes.

So any advice would be VERY appreciated.
Don't mean to be an ass, but this would probably do better here.
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I only really listen to the live version. Nothing against Lee, he's a great player, but I just really hate something about most of Ozzy's studio recordings up until about No More Tears. Maybe it's the production or something.
Could be, I just watched the bark at the moon DVD yesterday, and the live solo by Lee in the title song is CRAZY!

Any advice on the last lick, like finger placment, picking techniques or other hints?