umm... I haven't looked at one in 9 years. Bought my G-310 for around $300 9 or so years ago. That was my second electric guitar. I would imagine $400-500 now.
Hi, I'm Peter
im looking for a second guitar two so do you think its worth the buy
Depends what kind of music you like, really. My G-310 was good for hard rock, but not much else. In that price range is also the Fender Standard Series Strats and Teles, G&L Legacies, a few Schecters, a few Ibanez models, the PRS SE series...so you have a few options.
Hi, I'm Peter
the g-400 is good, its made closer to the spec of the gibson sg '61 reissues....(dont quote me on this), and includes Gibson designed pickups, where as the G-310 is shaped a bit differently, and uses epiphone pickups. For a second guitar, save up for the G-400, they are a huge leap from the G-310 by far, and the cost difference isnt much.

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Get the tony iommi epiphone G400 SG, it's the only one that sounds anywhere near as close as a gibson SG, and it actually does sound pretty close. It has gibson made tony iommi signature pickups.