hey everyone

im lookin to buy a new amp and ive got two in mind and was just wondering if anyone wuld be able to comment on them or suggest any others.

its just for at home to practice with mainly, but i want somthing that can put out some decent sound

the two i had in mind are the Fender Frontman either the 15G or the 25R, and the Marshall MG15

Any one got any opinions on these or any other amps to suggest?

try a roland cube 15.. or 30 if you can stretch to that price.

If you're set on a fender or marshall.. then go with the fender. Marshall MGs are s**t
the vox valvtronix series amps are pretty good, i've heard good things about the rolands too
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Yeah VOX are mad but expenisive, atleast in australia. And Marshal MG's are fairly **** although I used one for about a year and it was fair. I dont know about the Fenders. My advice, see if you can buy a nice lil 15 watt tube amp. I got one, its easily heard over drums and sounds beaultiful when warm.
Thanks for all your help.
I think the best bet will be to just take my guitar into the shop and have a play. Ive used a marshall mg before and they are nice but the distortion is crap. The fender is much better i rekon becasue u just simply turn the gain up or down lol. much easyier
^ marshall MGs are AWFUL!! They are so overpriced for what they are!! what is your maximum budget? what music do you play??

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Yeah, seriously stay away from Frontmans and MG's.

Look into a Roland Cube 30 or a Vox Valvetronix 30 is you want a practice amp that will last you. If you just want good cleans on the cheap, look into an Orange Crush.
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^^ X2

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um my max budget is bout 400 (new zealand dolas lol so thats bout 250 US).
i play most things but mainly like nirvanna, silverchair, some metallica, sum heaveir punk stuff. with speaker sizes, would say a 15watt 8" be better/worse than a 15watt 10"?
^ I would suggest a Roland Cube 30... They are about 400 NZ dollars and will fit your style pretty well.
Yeah, Fender Frontmans and MG's are pretty much just crap.

The Vox or the Cube seem to be the way to go for versatility and value. Also check out the Hughes & Kettner solid state practice amps, they are very nice.
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Quote by JohnnySlash
I heard that the MG's aren't appreciated or something. Look at the reviews.

actually...dont look at the reviews. they are misleading and a main reason why the MG series is Marshall's best seller right now.

a Microcube would blast any MG out of the water.

why have you overlooked Vox and Roland. I know theres a huge bandwagon here about them but seriously theyre great amps for any kind of practice.

im not going to bash the MGs or not tell you to get them or anything...but just SERIOUSLY look into the Roland Cubes. I especially like the Cube30. Kept me entertained for hours at work today! lol
^ join the club bro. i agree go for a Roland cube 30 they rock!! such rilliant amps!!

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Ibanez S470
Roland cube 30
Boss PW-10 v-wah
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sorry to cut in, but is the vox valvetronix a real tube amp, or is it just supposed to sound like one?
Quote by hessian101
sorry to cut in, but is the vox valvetronix a real tube amp, or is it just supposed to sound like one?

It's half tube half solid state. It has a valve preamp but a solid-state power amp.

= dodgy hybrid thing.
^Not true. It's got a digital preamp and a valve poweramp, boosted by a second, solid-state power amp.
oh right.. are Marshall AVT's the same? or are they valve pre and solid power?
^ regardless AVTs still sound fuzzy and thin...and overall horrible. but they are a slight step up from the MGs
it's not that i was interested in one!! i was just wondering if they were half valve.

It's a bit weird how the vox is solid-state pre, valve power, then a solid-state power.
^ the "tube power amp" is more of a marketing ploy IMO. Kids always hear the tube is 'teh pwnage' but they cant afford a nice one and hear the salesdude mention something about a tube in the Vox for cheap...and theyre SOLD!...

if ya know what i mean...

whatever the case..they ARE a pretty nice little amp.