Hey guys,
Just wondering what a descent, TOP OF THE LINE classical guitar would be. Please recommend any good brands and sites that I may find them on.

These 'top-of-the-line' instruments tend to be luthier-made instruments. Eg. Smallman etc.

Ramirez is also a great brand that USED to be top, during the previous generations. They're still great but can never recreate the legend of their ancestors. Hauser and Torres were makers who used to be legendary as well.

Those look good, but are definitely not the top. The top would cost much more.
Oh my god I have a perfect place for you.


I own a classical guitar of his, it is gorgeous, gorgeous wood, and gorgeous tone.
I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend this man. He builds Guitars, and so happens to be in my area. He sells guitars to artists around the world, concert classical guitar players. I mean, even at his prices, they are a steal, hand made with amazing craftsmanship.
The guitars are extremely loud acoustically as well.
In fact, a story he shared with me was when he was in Spain (Known for their classical guitarists), and a the concert was a piano/guitar duet. In the middle of the show, the power went out, so the rest of the show was done 100% acoustically, no mics. He said you could actually hear the guitar he made over the piano.

I've visited his shop, it's extremely cool, tons of wood, tons of high grade materials, including hand-made rosettes.
Mine is Western Red Cedar top, with Hawiian Koa back and sides, it's so unbelieveably 3-dimensional and gorgeous, Federico Sheppard (Fred, the Luthier), calls it "Wood Pornography" (I totally agree). Gold hardware, and Ebony fretboard & tuners.

I seriously cannot recommend him enough, he's a great guy, a great artist, and an amazing guitar maker.

Here are some other classical guitarists talking about Fred's stuff:

"These guitars are beautiful, magnificent! What you are doing here is incredible!" - Pepe Romero, March 31, 2005

"I am a performing musician and was on John Fahey's Takoma label in the 1970's. I have known Fred for over 25 years and I have had numerous opportunities to play his guitars, which are magnificent. Also, Fred has a collection of woods that is quite amazing. He has been collecting them for as long as I've known him. Should he build you a guitar it will be assembled from these extraordinary woods. I would definitely recommend Fred as a builder." - Peter Lang

"This is without question the best guitar I have ever played. It has everything I have been looking for, including projection to spare, even on delicate passages. Gracias Federico!" -Manuel Rubio (I've seen him preform as well, a virtuoso in my opinion)

"This guitar makes me want to put all of my other guitars on eBay!"
- Glenn Jones , 2004

"Best guitar I ever dragged a lick across!" - Ray Jacobs
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Wood Pornography. And the picture doesn't even do it justice.

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You guys are forgetting the most important part of sounding like Alexi.
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i have a great guitar made from mexico made by francisco navarro garcia. i dont know how to contact him or whatever though because my teacher picked it up for me when he went there. its tone , appearance, feel, etc. is as good as i could ever ask for. i highly recommend it.