hi, im doing a speech for english, on why music back 'then' is better than modern stuff like rnb, punk that stuff. this is supposed to be based on an article and i was wondering if anyone knows any such articles which would help my argument and ideas. its basically me against 90% of the class on this topic lol.
Just try to find one on Hip-hop shoot-outs, the church burnings by black metallers, the explicit porno's alot of musicians star in especially on the pop-scene. That'll give you a solid argument for a lil while.

Try to point out that alot of modern bands a) wouldn't be around if it wasn't for old school musicians and b) Alot of modern music uses the same beats, tunes and lyrical messages.
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Thanks. Can you suggest any articles or where to find articles related to this topic? I honestly can't seem to find a good one anywhere. Most are written by people who talk about too much technicalities and are extremely biased. I dont want to insult anyone. not too much anyway
I can try and help by saying how I feel.
Music today has just become a popularity contest through beautiful people. They want what sells (always did) and no longer care about the true meaning behind music. Image is everything. The structure of the music is dead easy, a simple bass line with a few power chords thrown over the top instead of more complex melodies. Dynamic range is minimal. Its all just force fed crap shoved down the general publics throught, its not really a choice that they like it; its the arsewhipe media companies. Maybe ask them if they ave ever felt truly moved by a piece of music? Image was still around back then but I mean its just blown way out of proportion compared back to the 60's and 70's, its crazy
Thats just how i feel. no one has to agree/disagree
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You can read my article about the who and mcfly if you want, although it may be a bit too extreme for an English class.
I'll help, but what grade/level are you in and how old are you?
1.) Define "Then".

2.) RnB began around the 1950s, and I think punk began somewhere around the mid-70s. So they aren't very "modern" compared to classic rock.
im in grade 12, 17 years old. psychodelia, im refering to modern Rnb and punk, i feel they have lost their meanings. thanks master shake for that comment.
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there was equally **** pop music in the 60's and 70's but because that sort of music is designed to be popular for 15 minutes and then vanish no-one remembers it just like in 30 years no-one will remember the crap clogging up the charts today and a buch of kids will be saying "man i wish i grew up int the 90's when they had bands like radiohead etc."
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