yesterday I had a thread about loweing the action on my guitars, and since then have found that playing is about 100x easier for everything, I went back over my tabs, found I can just fly through most of the zeppelin solos I've been practising but had difficulty with, like since I've been loving you, heartbreaker, the live stairway, metallica's one, and now that I see how much this simple thing has helped me and I should have fixed it a year ago when I bought the guitar. I just wanted to know if there are any other hints I can do to the guitar to help me play better, or make it easier to play in general. thanks
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put your pinky of your right hand on the pickguard while playing fast parts. this gives you more control.

Not really, its not a habit you'd want to get into...
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I was just trying that, I noticed clapton does that, but it doesn't feel comfortable and it means I'm a lot slower in moving from higher strings to lower strings
this may sound like a stupid one but here goes.
place your fretting hand firmly on the edge of a table so only your fingers are on it then move certain fingers backs other than your index,this helps increase the strength in your fingers and allso helps you chord alot better.
or so my old teacher used to tell me anyway.
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Not really, its not a habit you'd want to get into...

I haven't seen I thread on pick hand anchoring for a while and its about that time of month when a newb comes on and starts one without searching first.
I do play all the time, but I wasn't improving because of the crappy action, now that's fixed, and there is an instant improvement in my ability, I'm just wondering if there is anything else I am doing wrong, as was the case with the huge action
just practise and make sure your relaxed when you play.
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dude, high action doesn't mean bad. in fact, playing with your action too low IS bad - you're going to get a lot more noise/buzz on high volumes if your action is low, especially if you try slides or whatever; and when you get used to low action, it'll be INSANELY hard for you to move to higher action playing - and if you're good at playing with high action, you can move back and forth between high/low with ease...
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Maybe, but it was absolutely huge, I mean, higher than any guitar I've ever played in a guitar store, higher than anyone could be reasonably expected to play, maybe I shouldn't have dropped it as low as it is now, but it was basically impossible to play, bends were easier because you could slide the string and your finger under the other strings, but everything else was insanely hard, plus the strings wouldn't bounce back from bends, so doing bends in quick succession was impossible, basically doing anything fast was impossible
whats the difference between the stairway solo live and on the record?
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The record one seems to go about 30 seconds, the live versions go from about three to five minutes, the version I know is the one from the song remains the same DVD
High action trains your finger strength and after a while, when you switch to low action for a little bit, you will find out that your fingers are like magic.

Anchoring is BAD!!!!