this is a song i wrote when i was depressed...
i was wondering if i could get some input/opinions?

today's the darkest day i've ever known,
cause i can not find my soul,
i'm terrified of what i might become,
so i hide myself and fall...

falling away
falling from you
falling from grace
and the life that i knew

everytime i try i always failed,
how can this pain be real,
exhausted from all of my attempts,
and drained from the life i spent


the tears, the guilt, all the pain i felt,
i'm all alone, i'm by myself,
you lied to me, and betrayed

my hopes, my dreams, my reality,
is shattered right in front of me,
there's nothing left, but to fall away


(bridge2 sung/spoken softly under chorus)

the sun will fade,
the moon will bleed,
the stars will fall,
into the sea,

(ending chorus)
fallen away,
fallen from you,
fallen from grace,
because that's what i choosed...
Nothing very interesting here, it's all been said exactly the same way many times before. You also kept switching verb tenses...I don't even know why I noticed that. Check out the lyrics tips thread at the top of the page...for tips on improving your lyrics. Sorry this wasn't more helpful or if it seemed harsh, that wasn't the intent. Keep writing!
falling away
falling from you
falling from grace
and the life that i knew

pretty lines =) like it. Abit erm...emo though lol
The chorus is the best bit of it cuz the rest is just all been said before as the first guy said.
Its quite gooood though.
6/10 from me!! actually 6and a half 7ish
Crit the song in my link sigg pleeeees??
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