im buying an Ibanez S470 in months to come and it has been idvised i change the pickups, i wanted the EMGs but the battery does not fit the guitar so the next best ones are the Miricle man pickups, now is a set of these 2 humbuckers?? and on the S470 there are 2 humbuckers and a single, sould i replace the single one as well or leave it and just have the mircle man pickups?
thanks alot

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if you use the middle single, and have the cash you might as well replace it. The trilogy suite gets suggested a lot for combination with the MM.

if you do decide to go with BK's, though, I'd register at the bareknuckle forum and ask there. They know a lot more about their pickups than we do, lol. Make sure to tell them what music you play, etc.


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or you could just email tim. just as easy with less registering.
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