Poll: Favourite Red Hot Chili Peppers album?
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Red Hot Chili Peppers (Self titled)
0 0%
Freaky Styley
1 5%
Uplift Mofo Party Plan
0 0%
Mothers Milk
0 0%
Blood Sugar Sex Magik
6 30%
One Hot Minute
1 5%
3 15%
By The Way
2 10%
Stadium Arcadium
7 35%
Voters: 20.
Ok so the Chilis have released Stadium Arcadium and so I was wondering who thinks it competes with their previous albums and so thats why there is a following poll:
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i think its one of the best albums ever by them it goes back to some of their funkier stuff with songs like tell me baby, and they have newer stuff like dani california.
it's an alright album but god almighty is it tame compared to what they were, they've seriously lost their edge when it comes to albums, fair enough live they've still got it but by the way has got to be their worst album easily... stadium IS better than btw and californication imo, but it's nowhere NEAR bloodsugar, waaay too many plain songs that are slow and dreary, they've slightly slightly returned to their funk roots for like 3 or 4 songs, but other than its just the same poppy wishy washy bordom that came out of by the way.

hump de bump, readymade, warlocks, storm in a teacup are the ones that stand out instantly as the funkier ones, theres some other upbeat ones but they're pretty dull, snow is ok, but most of the rest have the most basic of all predictable modern rock chord progressions, it saddens me =[
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Freaky Styley > All

I love every Chili Pepper album letalone every song, and no album compares to the classic Freaky Styley. Sure, I love John Frusciante and I think he's an amazing player, but I think the original Chili Pepper guitarist, Hillel Slovak, is highly overlooked. He was a really great guitar player with so much style and originality. He will be missed. Hillel Slovak - RIP

Anyway, here's my list of favorite Chili Pepper albums:
1. Freaky Styley
2. Blood Sugar Sex Magik
3. By The Way
4. Stadium Arcadium
5. One Hot Minute
6. The Uplift Mofo Party Plan
7. Californication
8. Mother's Milk
9. Self-titled
It's my favourite from them. 28 songs and I only skip 1... that's pretty freaking good.
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I think it's the best album they've put out since Blood sugar, great to hear Frusciante actually playing the guitar again.