so i want to go electric, and thought of buying a Gibson Les Paul studio.
i checked out a few sites and the AVT-20 by marshall seems like a good and cheap model.

But is it worth buying or should i keep looking.

i'd also like other suggestions on other amplifiers

It sounds like crap

What kind of Music do You play and what are the purposes of the amp and i can give you some suggestions
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ermm, its one of those dodgy hybrid amps... half valve / half solid-state.

I've tried one before and it sounded ok.. but i'm sure you could find something better for the same price.

If you can stretch your budget to a DSL401 (£360/$500).. then you'd get a lot better amp for your money.

Otherwise.. look at some of the peavey's around your price range.
thx i play rock, metal, heavy metal stuff like metallica, led zeppelin and Guns'N'roses
So ya io agree with p2fyre save up and get the DSL 401 it should handle most of that maybe get a OD pedal for super heavy stuff
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Also try the Ashdown Fallen Angel 40 DSP (i know about the reliabilty issues, but they've sorted them out and the revised version is out next week)

The Fallen Angel will handle the heavier stuff better, but the Marshall would beat it on the lighter end.
AVT20 is a nice amp but seriously you can get a better one for the peice. But dont neccessarily go tube, the best thing to do is to go to a music shop and play a few amps and youll see which you like. Maybe Ill get killed for this, but I dont love tubes that much... They sound great, true, but the price and hassle... Depends on how much you want to spend. You probably wont go wrong with tube, but if you dont really want it yourself, you dont need to pay for it.
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avts are good amps but dont buy one new if you really want one get it used
I noticed your buying a very high end guitar, a GIBSON Les Paul. A lot of people seem to make this mistake theyll buy an expensive guitar because they started out with a cheap Squier or whatever but then theyll buy a cheap amp. Your guitar is only gonna sound as good as the amp its plugged into.

Keep looking, it's really up to you, but your going to need a nice sounding amp in order to really experience your les paul.