I noticed that the first string always snaps when i apply a bend to it . I dun think i applied much force to the string that will cause it to snap. I also noticed that the strings turn rusty quite fast , especially the first 3 strings. What could be the problem ? Btw any recommendation for gd brand of strings ?
what strings r u using
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if you're using a tune-o-matic brindge...check the saddle to see if it needs a little filing [if thats is where the string is snapping]....i had the problem one time...i just filed it down a little and it fixed it
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I personally like Elixir String just because they last long but they cost a lot.
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I use Dean Markley's .12's and i havn't had a problem with them breaking. I have been useing Markley's for a few months now and they are the best strings in my opinion.

Are you in Standard tuning and have a high gauge? (standard tuning with .11 and up) for standard I would recomend .09-.10. The higher the gauge the lower your tuning should be.
Hi silent feeling , yea i use standart tuning . Sry i do not understand ur question on the gauge . Tnx for recommending the strings
You can try Ernie Ball Reg Slinky 10-46 custom gauge 2221 nickel wound I use them on my Ibanez JS1200 they work great no rust on them hold a great tone you can bend them like crazy