i need help decidng whick Jackson Roahds to get theres a few
theres the -RR3 Rhoads
-RX10D Rhoads
-JS30RR Rhoads
there the only 3 Rhoads id consider and i have played the RR3 and it just rocks but i would like a second opinion,out of the 3 which is better?,would the RR3 be a mistake in the long run
The RR3 is the best out of them but if you have the money i would save up for the RR1 but its quite pricey at 2000 USD
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my practice amp is a randal rg 75 watt its the g2 model made in 2005,at gigs i play through either a marshall avt275 or a js stack (its not mine its my mates) and my budget is open if its worth the quality ill pay it
If you like your amp and your tone then i suggest saving up and getting the RR1
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Well that isnt mch of an question, those are three guitars in the same range from the same company.. obviously the most expensive one is best.

But if you want to save money and just put in custom pickups anyway, then the RX10D isnt much worse than the RR3, personally I dont like the RR3's pickgaurd. No point in paying more for pickups and guard when you dont want them.

but the RR3 does have a through neck I believe compared to bolt on n the others, plus it has a better tremelo, so if you can affrod it, get it. If you want to save a bit and buy new pickups might as well get a RX10D
IIRC, most of the differences are cosmetic, except a few with the bridges/necks. There many be wood/construction quality differences as well, not sure though. The JS30 has a fixed bridge, dot inlays and 24 frets, which may be better as the trems on those guitars aren't going to be all that good, and 24 frets is cool. Sharktooth inlays are cool too though, and dots look kinda crap on an RR. The other two seem pretty much the same except for the pickguard.
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well i can get a rr3 for 600 australian dollars and the rr1 is 5000 austrlian dollars and there the cheapest prices i can get where i live because most music stores stock gibson,ibanes or esp and ashton alot of stores dont stock jackson anymore
My bad about the neck.. im shure there was something else better about the guitar though.
Well if thats the case then you night as well stick to a RX10D if you are going to change the stock pickups. If not the RR3 is better.