I'm looking into customising my old Squier a bit for a project during the summer once my exams are done. A while back I'm fairly sure that I saw a fixed bridge that could be used to replace a trem, since it was designed to use the same holes.

Does anybody know anything about these, and where I could get ahold of one?

If you do know about them, would I have to cut a block of wood to put in place of the springs?
I'm pretty sure you can just leave the back cavity open, but you can fill it in if you want. You can see a full catalog of Fener parts on their website, and I'm pretty sure they sell a full fixed bridge assembly.
It would appear that they don't have a fixed bridge assembly for strats on their site.

Does anyone know of any other places?

Preferrably somewhere that ships to the UK.
yeah, i saw a fixed bridge replacement, ill look around.

but yeah, blocking a trem is easy enough.
u fit a small block of wood in the back trem cavity. so the bridge cant move.

here's an ugly one, replaces a vintage style. not sure if all squier models can mix wt fender parts.

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