ive heard a lot of talk about how good the agile les pauls are, and i was wondering how good the strats are? im thinking about buying the Agile ST-1000, http://www.rondomusic.net/st1000.html , but i dont know if i would be better off just saving the extra 100 bucks and buying a standard fender strat. does anyone know what is better, the agile ST-1000 or the fender standard strat?
thanks in advance
what amp do you have at the moment and the agile seems the better bang for your buck deal but if you prefer the feel of a mim strat then get the mexi. also what music do you play
i play classic stuff like jimi hendrix and led zep. i also play exerimental alternative and blues and jazz. the amp i have is the Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50W. ive also been playing for about 3 years, so i want a pretty decent guitar that will last me a while
I can't speak for that guitar from personal experience, but I will tell you this. This is the highest-end Agile Strat. The specs certainly look good, and it comes with incredible hardware - far better than on the Fender Standard. I'd venture as far as saying that the bridge and tuners on this guitar are even better than what comes loaded on more expensive USA Strats.

Now if Agile are true to form, this guitar will be excellent value for the money, and will last you for years. I've been playing 19 years now, and I have some pretty high end instruments. My Agile is my all-around favorite guitar. It's my all purpose guitar that plays great and sounded excellent. Yeah, it's tone isn't going to touch my Gibson, ESP or Lado (all $1500+ guitars), but it's not that far behind. And in terms of feel and playability, I rank it above my Gibson.

Barring any unfortunate incidents, this will probably be my main guitar for years to come.
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Agiles are good guitars. But in this case, I'd go with the Standard Strat. It's just more authentic, imho. I'd say they are about equal in quality though.

Another great thing about MIM Strats is that they are available everywhere and you can try them out before you buy.

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I own the 802 model, and if the 1000 is anything like mine you'll be happy you bought it.

Armored artist makes a good point if you're worried about buying a guitar you've never tried.

Although MIM strats are available at most, if not every guitar store, I wouldn't necessarily deem that as a good thing. Most of the ones I've tried were very shjty. The tremolo when used would make it go out of tune very easily, most had sharp fret ends (I mean sticking out far enough that they could very easily cut your fingers) that weren't very level, and very nasty fret buzz. But there are some (like 1 out of 10) that are very good, and about the same in quality and playability as Agile, though I would still change the tuners and pick ups without a second thought on the MIM. I don't know how good the pick ups are on the 1000 model, but I swapped mine out for some tex-mex not even a month after I got it.

I took a gamble buying my Agile, as do most people who don't live near the store, and I'm very happy with my decision. Now I don't know if I want to buy one of their tele models, or put together a frankenstrat from parts off ebay and various guitar supply sites.
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