What kind of pickups would be good for a Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, sound. And I've never changed one before is it hard? Thanks
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what amp and guitar do you have? what's your budget? can you solder?

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I have no idea about grunge pickups, lol, i just wanted to get the info so the others could help. I'd assume you want something quite hot, but not mega-high output. the JB might be too trebly, though.
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Edit : Didnt read your sig, duh. Go with a hotrail in the bridge

What kind of guitar do you have?? If you can, humbuckers will be more versitile for those bands. Seymour duncan JB is a good pickup, as well as any Gibson Burstbucker model.
Chunckier, heavier tones is what your after with leads that cut through.
If you have single coil config, go for a hotrail in the bridge position.
I have one in my strat and its nice.

Oh yeah, get a shop to install it
25 - 30 bucks.
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A pearly gates would also do well, and if you can solder decently, it's very simple.